Sunday, December 20, 2015

Gun Control Executive Orders Expected Within Weeks

obamaynoflyAfter countless mass shootings during his time as president, all of which failed to inspire the public to yield on gun rights issues, Obama has had enough with our political system. He's actively working to circumvent Congress, and instate the gun control measures he's always wanted by decree. We now have a timeline for when that will occur.
Martin Shkreli and the Criminals Who Arrested Him

martin shkreliIn February of 2015, a little known entrepreneur by the name of Martin Shkreli founded Turing Pharmaceutical, and proceeded to buy up the licenses for out-of-patent medicines. For the most part, these pills were for rare diseases with small markets, and had no generic competition in the United States. One of these medications was a 62-year-old antimalarial drug called Daraprim, that is also used to treat and prevent toxosplasmosis infections in people with compromised immune systems.
Game Over: U.S. Agrees to Let Assad Stay in Power

john kerry vladimir putin wikimediaThe Syrian Civil War has been raging for over four years, and in that time our government has attempted to use the war as a cover to overthrow the Assad regime by any means necessary. That's not an exaggeration. To provide covert support for the vile thugs with ISIS certainly falls under the category of "any means necessary." Our government has been responsible for some truly heinous deeds in the past, but using genocidal religious fanatics to achieve a geopolitical goal certainly takes the cake.
Researchers Find That Putin Walks Like A "Gunslinger"

putin walkingHave you ever noticed anything odd about the way Vladimir Putin walks when he's seen on TV? If not, take a look at any video that shows him walking, and you'll notice that his left arm swings far more than his right. The reason for that may have to do with his past in the KGB.
The Baltic Dry Index Has Just Tumbled To A Record Low

cargo ship wikimediaThe Baltic Dry Index has long been one of the strongest indicators for global economic growth. It's a reliable measure of the world's supply and demand for raw materials, such as concrete, steel, coal, and food. Where this index stands not only gives you a glimpse into how healthy the global economy is, it also tells you how strong economic growth will be in the future. Unfortunately, it's looking worse than ever before.