Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Air Force Confiscates Private Property Near Area 51

area 51 sign wikimediaLast month, a family living near Area 51 reached out to the media, and revealed that not only has the US government harassed them for decades, but they've tried to confiscate the land which has been in their family since the 19th century. Now the Sheahan family's struggle is coming to an end, as the government finalizes the transfer of their property to the US Air Force.

The government offered what would appear to be a generous sum of $5.2 million for the land, but the family turned it down. They believe that the property is worth way more than that. "I have a geologist friend who I took out there, who's just a buff, and he said it is literally almost priceless" according to Barbara Sheahan "There is so much there, not only the ore which is in the ground that can be mined, but in all the intrinsic value of what's on the land."

The family also feels they are due compensation for the injustices they've suffered at the hands of our government. Buildings on the property have been repeatedly strafed and destroyed by military aircraft over the years, potential business partners have been scared off, and family members have been illegally detained by Area 51 security staff. As Joe Sheahan put it, "This has been like I said a 60-plus year nothing short of criminal activity on the part of the federal government, the AEC, Black Ops, CIA and you can go on and on." The Air Force recently made a final offer of $5 million, and since the family refused, they may only receive $1.5 million when their property is taken through eminent domain.

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