Saturday, August 8, 2015

Scotland Yard Accused of Concealing Serial Killer's Crimes

london undergroundEven though your chances of being murdered by a serial killer are ridiculously low, most people are still much more frightened of these killers than any other type of criminal. If I could hazard a guess as to why, aside from the predatory and cruel nature of these crimes, I would assume that it has something to do with how cunning these people are. They often get away with these crimes over and over again, sometimes for decades, which implies that they could be our friends and neighbors and we would never know it.

However, sometimes it's not the serial killers who are busy covering their tracks, but the authorities who catch them. At least, that is the claim of former detective Geoff Platt. He believes that Scotland Yard covered up the crimes of a serial killer who may have murdered 18 people by pushing them onto the rails of the London Underground in the 1970's. The killer in question, Kiernan Kelly, admitted these crimes in an interview with Platt in 1984, after he murdered his cell mate. Kelly had a history of violence and was in prison for robbery at the time.

While initially skeptical, he investigated Kelly's claims and discovered that he was present during a number of suicides in London's rail lines. More importantly, he claims that Scotland ignored these crimes. His superiors were hesitant to make the case public. "They didn’t want people knowing a serial killer got away with pushing innocent people on to the tracks, they’d be afraid it could happen again.”

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