Saturday, August 8, 2015

Bloomberg Tells Obama to Treat Congress Like Children

Michael Bloomberg wikimediaIn a recent interview with Goldman Sachs chief Loyd Blankfein, Bloomberg revealed his true colors. Not that we didn't know what they were before of course. Bloomberg is an elitist through and through, but the magnitude of his hubris was just oozing from this interview.

He told Bloomberg TV's Stephanie Ruhr how he thought Obama should treat Congress, and compared the members of our legislative branch to children. "You trade, you bribe, you threaten, you cajole — you do all these sorts of things, the same way you run your kids," and added that "You say to your kid, clean your room or you don't get your allowance." It's almost as if he thinks that the legislative branch exists to serve the President.

He also exhibited the classic symptoms of Narcissism, and revealed how superior he actually feels to the average American, when he explained what he really thought about the interests of the public. "It's the executive's job to explain to the legislature why his or her policy is the right one, and bring them along. You don't go and do a poll, ask the public what they want, and try to take them there. That's leadership from the back." Wow Bloomberg. I guess you know what the people want more than they do. No wonder New York City turned into such a nanny state during your time as mayor.

See how Bloomberg wants to restrict gun rights for minorities.

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