Saturday, July 18, 2015

Police in Florida Help Cartels Launder Over $70 Million

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There's a dirty little secret about America's drug war that the "powers that be" don't want you to know. Black market drugs aren't just profitable for the drug cartels. In fact, it's now an open secret that the big banks make a ton of cash off the illegal drug trade. But they're not the only supposedly "lawful" institution that's getting in on the action.

Apparently, two police agencies in Florida have been caught running an operation that had the same counterproductive results as the "Fast and Furious" scandal, albeit with drugs and money instead of guns. Police in Bal Harbour and Glades County decided to run a money laundering sting operation that actually met with some success. The tips they gave to federal agencies led to the seizure of over $30 million in drug money. The only problem, is that they helped the cartels successfully launder $71.5 million.

To top it all off, they never made a single arrest. They claim that their tips led to the arrests of 200 people by other agencies, but they have no record of these people, and a spokesperson for the DEA claimed "There’s no way we can validate those numbers. We have no idea what they are basing those numbers on." In accordance with asset forfeiture laws, the police managed to skim $2.4 million, much of which was spent on weapons, first class plane tickets, electronics, restaurants, and fancy hotels. If you didn't know why our government is still fighting the War on Drugs, the answer should be abundantly clear now.

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