Saturday, July 18, 2015

Much Lauded "Background Checks" Failed to Stop Dylann Roof

There's a certain class of anti-gun activists that, rather than suggesting we completely outlaw guns, believe we should have "sensible" gun control. This usually entails applying a more rigorous system of background checks and registration. There's only one problem with that though. These measures often fail to stop violent criminals.

That seems to be the case with Charleston shooter Dylann Roof. Contrary to previous assertions that the background check on his firearm was done properly, the FBI has since admitted that they screwed up. Due to a drug arrest Roof shouldn't have been allowed to buy a gun, but after some bureaucratic mishaps between the feds, the county, and the local police department, his background check took too long. After three days had passed without any objection from the authorities, the seller was allowed to hand the pistol over to Roof.

And as you might expect, both sides of the gun debate are seeing this issue differently. While gun activists view this as proof that background checks are worthless, gun control advocates think we need to improve the system. Senator Chuck Schumer was quoted as saying "We simply cannot be allowed to have a background check system that fails to keep guns out of the wrong hands," and suggested that we need tougher background checks. Meanwhile, The Brady Campaign called on Congress to support a bill that would add $400 million to bolster the failing system. As per usual, these people think that more laws and more tax dollars will solve everything.

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