Sunday, July 12, 2015

Gun Sales Reached Record Highs Last Month

Rifle money It wasn't that long ago that we were experiencing severe ammunition and firearm shortages. The prices for pretty much every kind of weapon reached outrageous levels, and there was a waiting list for just about everything gun related. But over the past two years or so, the cost of firearms has finally fallen to a reasonable price point, and ammo shortages have largely relented.

Contrary to popular belief however, gun purchases have not fallen. In fact, it seems that Americans are still buying more guns then ever before.

This past June, the FBI reported more background checks then they ever had for that month, since they started keeping track in 1998. All told, June of 2015 experienced an 11% increase in background checks over the previous year, amounting to 1.53 million cases. Theories abound as to why this is happening. Some have suggested that there may be more first time gun owners entering the market, as well as an influx of female buyers. However, there is a more obvious culprit. Gun sales always go up after a mass shooting and the calls for stricter gun laws that always follow. The Charleston shooting may be responsible for this recent trend.

On the other hand, last May also experienced a record number of background checks, which was well before the Charleston shooting. You can see the FBI's statistics for yourself. If you look at the number of background checks so far this year, it looks like 2015 may wind up with more gun purchases than any previous year. What do you think is causing this trend? Share your thoughts in the comments.

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  1. "If guns are illegal, then only criminals will have guns" goes the bumper sticker. Now it reads, implicitly, "If guns are illegal, only police [and other criminals] will have guns." I suspect the "up-arming" of the citizenry reflects that judgement, as well as the highly publicized millions of hollow-point, flesh-destroying ammo the Abteilung der Heimats Versicherung is purchasing. (I use the German name because the "Homeland" and "Vaterland" are particularly resonant with the 3rd Reich, and not US society. We used to see America as The Great Melting Pot. Cynics would add, "but you have to skim the scum off the top"--which takes on special meaning, now that we've taken the measure of the 0.01% who have bubbled to the surface of our melting pot. There's Jamie Dimon, 'n' Lloyd Blankfein 'n' Larry Silverstein, our Banksters and Realsters.