Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Media Latches onto Open-Carry Supporting Murderer

open carry pistolThe media has long abandoned its role in informing the public; and in exchange, we now have a media that prioritizes entertainment and propaganda. They've sold their souls to the halls of power, and serve as nothing more than tools for the powers that be. So it goes without saying that we can learn quite a bit about the plans and motivations of the elite, if we watch and read the news with a discerning eye.

Take for instance, a recent shooting that occurred in Iowa last week.  Alex Kozak was a security guard who shot and killed a young woman working in the Coral Ridge Mall, after she refused his advances for several weeks. Some sources say he was fired for his creepy behavior towards her, which may have been the reason for the killing. So how does a mainstream outlet like the New York Daily News describe Alex Kozak?
Kozak’s Facebook page is littered with pro-gun sentiment, including a posting from late last month that reads, “I am a born free gun toting Constitution loving American.”
“I’d rather stand my ground than be put in the ground,” reads one image he posted over a picture of a man armed with a handgun.
An album of photos associated with his page is titled, “My toys,” and includes more than a dozen knives, handcuffs, brass knuckles and other weaponry, along with a photo of “The Anarchist Cookbook” and a gas mask. One of the knives has “One shot, one kill” printed on the blade.
Or how about the Iowa Gazette?
Alex and Kellie were interested in archery and Ken Kozak said he went shooting with his son-in-law in the past. Alex had a Glock, he said.
A post on Kellie Kozak’s Facebook page detailing a visit to Costco in which her husband was apparently carrying a sidearm indicates the pair are strong supporters of the Second Amendment. Ken Kozak said his son-in-law was responsible with weapons.
“If circumstances were that it’d be best not to have a weapon present, he didn’t have a problem with that,” he said. “He didn’t brandish one around or anything.”
Facebook posts from Alex Kozak make references to the Armed Services and weapons. On May 28, he shared a photo containing the text, “I am a born free, gun toting, Constitution loving American.”
But is that description really necessary? After all, there have been plenty of mass murderers in recent years who turned out to be left leaning individuals. If a murderer's politics aren't the motivation for his actions, is it relevant at all? Why does the media latch onto those kinds of details?

Because, it's their job to demonize certain groups. Gun owners don't fit into the future that the elites have planned for us. So anytime an advocate for gun rights or the Constitution is caught doing something bad (which isn't hard to find since there are millions of these people) the establishment media will always associate their deeds with their ideology, even when it's not relevant.

Fortunately, propaganda never remains profitable indefinitely. By its nature, propaganda is often repetitive, and after a while the angles behind their stories become painfully predictable. Those who can think for themselves will have no trouble seeing through the lies. Even the entertainment obsessed masses eventually grow bored, and tune out.

That's why outlets like Fox News and CNN are hemorrhaging viewers, and why newspapers are going bankrupt in droves. On a long enough timeline, establishment propaganda always falls into obscurity. Should the media continue to subtly demonize gun activists, they will only continue to drive themselves into irrelevance.

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