Sunday, June 14, 2015

Hackers Hijack US Army Website

hackerYesterday, Brigadier General Malcolm Frost announced that the US Army's Website,, had been hacked. "After this came to our attention, the Army took appropriate preventive measures to ensure there was no breach of Army data by taking down the website temporarily." The Syrian Electronic Army, a pro-Assad hacker group that has been critical of US foreign policy, took credit for the attack on Twitter.

They've been around since 2011, and though their exact relationship with the Assad government is unclear, they've been known to deface and hijack the websites of mainstream news outlets, and the Facebook pages of politicians. In this latest attack, they directly targeted a website frequented by US Army personnel, and presumably potential recruits. Anyone visiting yesterday would have been greeted with the following message:

The message is most likely in reference to recently exposed documents that prove the US government has been largely responsible for the rise of ISIS. As of this writing, no mention of the hack can be seen on

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