Thursday, June 18, 2015

Empty Headed Americans Sign Petition to Nuke Russia

mushroom cloudWhen I examine the country I live in, and the government I live under, I'm often faced with some troubling questions. Chief among them is a question that every intelligent citizen must ask themselves at some point. Is there is a large segment of our population that will literally accept and promote anything? In other words, is there any government policy that Americans won't get behind?

No. No there isn't.

So long as an idea is worded correctly and vaguely explained with confidence, millions of people will give it their support. If you don't believe me, you should watch any of Mark Dice's Petition Videos. If you have even the slightest trace of intelligence in your brain, you will be shocked and horrified at the kinds of ideas that ordinary Americans will sign up for.

In his latest video, Mark Dice walked around San Diego and asked random residents to sign a petition. It's purpose? Oh, nothing special. It was just a request to launch a preemptive nuclear strike against Russia. Let's watch!

Unsurprisingly, many Russians have seen the video, and they are quite alarmed by this faux petition, but not for the reasons you might be thinking of. One Russian news outlet posted an article titled "In the U.S., They've Started Collecting Signatures for a Nuclear Attack on Russia" While another state sponsored outlet declared "They silently signed. In the U.S. a Blogger Collected Signatures for a Nuclear Attack on Russia." Many Russian social media users and youtube commenters have spoken as well, and they appear to be shocked that so many American's want to nuke their country.

The true purpose of the video seems to have been lost in translation.

What the Russians don't realize is that most Americans are not bloodthirsty warmongers. I'm sure the video makes it look that way, but that would be a simplification. I completely understand why they jumped to that conclusion though. In anywhere else in the world, this sort of behavior is strange and creepy.

In fact, it's so abnormal that when anyone who isn't an American sees it, their brain simply cannot comprehend the stupidity of the situation. It's too dumb to believe. The only logical conclusion a sane, functional human being can come up with, is that these crazy Americans want to nuke Russia.

"Why else would they sign that petition?" They might ask. "Do they not know how terrible war can be?"

Well, just as most Americans are completely removed from the horrific experiences of war, most non-Americans have never experienced abject ignorance and stupidity on such a staggering scale.

They don't understand the horrible truth about mainstream American thought. They don't realize that most Americans are not evil. In fact, they're far more dangerous than someone who is outright evil, or even someone who is stupid.

They just don't care.

They don't care to learn anything important about the world around them, and the people who inhabit it. They can't be bothered to see things from another perspective. They're too self-absorbed to feel someone else's pain. Thus, they are worse than any warmonger who might like to go toe to toe with the Russians. Through their inaction, they're the enablers of the warmonger.

They'll sign on to anything because they can't muster the will to think about their actions, or the actions of their government. They just do what they're told, nod in agreement, and go about their narrow lives as their world is smothered in chaos, death, and nuclear hellfire.

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  1. When it comes to polls or petitions, only idiots pay any real attention to them or participate in them, and only retarded assholes take them seriously.

    That being said, nothing that comes out of the mouths of these Communist college dupes surprises me in the least. You could get these idiots to call a cabbage anti-semitic.