Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Did Ferguson PD Just Arrest the Wrong Guy?

ferguson policeWhen two officers with the Ferguson Police Department were shot last week, it was safe to assume that they would eventually get their man, even if it wasn't really "their man." For the most part, whenever the life of an authority figure is attempted in such a public way (especially if that attempt was successful), the police will always find someone to arrest. They have to.

They must always maintain the illusion that they have everything under control and that nobody can get away with such a crime. Nothing indicates a lack of control, quite like having a police officer ambushed and shot, so somebody has to pay no matter what.

In this case, the 20-year-old "protester" by the name of Jeffrey Williams might just be their fall guy. Over the weekend the police arrested him, and managed to gain a confession to the shooting. However, not everything is what it seems. The information the media is reporting now, doesn't really jibe with what we were told last week.

For starters, this shooting was widely believed to be a premeditated ambush against the police, and for very good reason. By all accounts the two officers were shot (one in the head), at night, with a handgun, from roughly 125 yards away. While the shot is not impossible to make, its difficulty suggests a carefully planned attack. But does that line up with the current narrative?
"Essentially what we have charged him with is firing shots," said St. Louis County prosecuting attorney Robert McCulloch.
"It's possible at this point that he was firing shots at someone other than the police, but struck the police officer. So the charge is still assault in the first-degree, they're class A felonies for striking those two officers," he said.
McCulloch said Williams, who allegedly fired the shots from a passing car, claimed that it stemmed from a dispute with other unidentified individuals, rather than an attempt to target the police.
So he accidentally shot a cop in the head from over 125 yards away, with a pistol, at night. Okay. Sounds unlikely, but not impossible I suppose. I'm willing to give the benefit of the doubt on that.

What really bothers me though, is the fact that the police are calling this man a protestor. According to the police and his attorney, Williams has admitted to participating in several protests for Michael Brown. There's only one problem with that though.
McCulloch said that Williams “acknowledged” having fired the shots. He also says that he has been “a part of the protests.” But regulars at the Ferguson protests say they have never seen the guy before.
“We don’t know him,” activist Tony Rice, the founder of Ground Level Support, said. He’s been on the ground at the majority of protests since the shooting of Mike Brown last August.
Commenting on the prosecutor’s claim that Williams is a “regular” at the protests, Rice said in an interview with Huffington Post, “I don’t think there is a male 20-years-old that regularly protests” aside from about three individuals who he listed. Williams was not among them.
“I think I can speak for the protester community in saying we don’t know him,” said Rice.
Alicia Street, another regular, said that she is “unfamiliar with Williams” too.
“I have never seen him at a protest. I cannot recall that I even seen him that night. We know a lot of people out there, we really do. I even showed pictures to other regular protesters and they said they didn’t know him,” Street said.
It's too early to say for sure, but there's something very wrong with the story we're being fed. There's nothing here that isn't within the realm of possibility, but it all sounds highly unlikely. The only thing the police have is a weapon (which for now, we don't really know if it is "the weapon") and a confession. Unfortunately, confessions don't mean a whole lot anymore. Our justice system has a habit of goading confessions out of completely innocent people, so all we can do is wait for the evidence to speak for itself.

Hopefully I'm wrong. Whoever shot those cops should be removed from our society, especially if it turns out that the shooting was a deliberate attempt to kill police officers. So long as there is even the slightest chance of a peaceful resolution to America's problem with out of control cops, it deserves to be attempted.

But at the moment, this just doesn't sound right. The arrest of Jeffrey Williams is a little too convenient.

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