Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Rise of the Mercenary World Order-Max Keiser Reports

Rifle moneyAfter the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan quickly turned into quagmires, the politicians and generals realized they had a problem. They had neither the logistical, nor the combative manpower to properly fight these wars. They were left with three courses of action: withdraw their forces from the conflict, institute a draft, or hire mercenaries to fill the gap. They chose the latter of the three.

What they didn't realize at the time, was that they were opening a Pandora's box that would shift the balance of power away from nation states, and into the hands of corporations. The American Conservative recently wrote about this alarming trend, and what it could mean for the future of the United States, and how the rise of private military companies draws shocking comparisons to the state of affairs in the late middle ages.
It is a menacing thought. McFate said this coincides with what he and others have called a current shift from global dominance by nation-state power to a “polycentric” environment in which state authority competes with transnational corporations, global governing bodies, non-governmental organizations (NGO’s), regional and ethnic interests, and terror organizations in the chess game of international relations. New access to professional private arms, McFate further argues, has cut into the traditional states’ monopoly on force, and hastened the dawn of this new era.
McFate calls it neomedievalism, the “non-state-centric and multipolar world order characterized by overlapping authorities and allegiances.” States will not disappear, “but they will matter less than they did a century ago.” He compares this coming environment to the order that prevailed in Europe before the domination of nation-states with their requisite standing armies.
Ever the sharp and cynical pundit, Max Keiser recently examined the article during the first 12 minutes of his show, and shared his thoughts on what this might mean for the future of global power.

My only question is, will there be any upside to this? It's obvious that the state's monopoly on violence (like any monopoly) is a corrupting influence, and America's descent into tyranny would not be possible without it. Will the breakdown of the current system usher in a new era of freedom? Or will it bring forth a new age of feudalism?

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