Saturday, November 22, 2014

Coldest November Since 1976-Temperature Dips Below Freezing in All 50 States

snowed in vehicle
Across the country, Americans are facing one of coldest winters on record. At least 85 percent of the continental United States is experiencing below freezing temperatures, and many regions are bracing for what may end up being one of the most devastating winters in recent times. Even places as far away as Hawaii have felt the chill, and traditionally warm states like Florida have been hit as well.

But it seems that Buffalo, New York has experienced the brunt of storm. So far, 8 people have died from exposure, and 5 feet of snow has left hundreds more trapped in their vehicles.  140 miles of Interstate 90 is closed, and is littered with abandoned cars.
Penn State student Endjie Ulysses was one of 14 people stuck on a Greyhound bus on Interstate 90 for 34 hours before rescue Wednesday afternoon by a state trooper. "I'm just tired," she said. "I've only slept for about two or three hours."
David Chronister, 42, an adult student at the nearby Medaille College, whiled away the hours just past an exit on I-90 for a day and a half. He had been driving from Buffalo to the Erie County town of Hamburg.
He told NBC News that he spent "roughly 36 hours in the car with no food — just one bottle of water and a blanket." He periodically checked Twitter and read a book on his tablet to pass the time. Chronister was rescued by a state trooper Wednesday and was taken to a toll booth plaza.
However, New York is only one example. The whole interior of the U.S. looks like it's being carved up by the massive cold front, and the breadth of this devastating weather is so widespread, that it's beginning to strain the electrical grid.
(Reuters) - PJM Interconnection, the operator of the biggest power grid in the United States, said on Wednesday that demand for power hit a new record for the month of November due to the cold weather.
Peak demand on Tuesday reached 121,987 megawatts (MW), topping the 114,699 MW reached last November.
Last winter, several power plants in PJM and elsewhere in the U.S. Northeast were not able to operate on the coldest days in part because there was not enough natural gas to fuel both the power units and heat homes and businesses due to pipeline constraints.
Temperatures dipped so low yesterday that it's being called the coldest November day since 1976. Some cities, however, have shattered even older records. Atlanta is expected to have the coldest afternoon since 1940. Kansas City dipped down to 6 degrees, beating the 14 degree record from 1903. And in Detroit, the temperature was tied with a long standing record from 1880.

When the weather begins to break century old records, it's time we should ask ourselves if the world's climate is shifting. Of course, there is the widely recognized theory of global warming, which suggests that mankind's activity is warming the planet, and is still a big problem despite the freakishly cold weather we've been experiencing. However, former shuttle engineer and NASA adviser John L. Casey has a different idea. He thinks the world is in fact cooling, and it has nothing to do with human activity.
Casey says the evidence is clear that the earth is rapidly growing colder because of diminished solar activity.
He says trends indicate we could be headed for colder temperatures similar to those seen in the late 1700s and early 1800s when the sun went into a "solar minimum" — a phenomenon with significantly reduced solar activity, including solar flares and sunspots.
If he's right, that would be very bad news.
"Dark Winter" posits that a 30-year period of cold has already begun. Frigid temperatures and the food shortages that inevitably result could lead to riots and chaos.
Casey tells Newsmax, "All you have to do is trust natural cycles and follow the facts, and that leads you to the inevitable conclusion that the sun controls the climate, and that a new cold era has begun."
Whatever the case may be, we're certainly experiencing some very strange weather. If we are, in fact, entering a cooler period, perhaps even a short ice age, we can expect to face massive challenges in our future. If history is any indication, then we're in for some dark days ahead. If you haven't already, now is good time to start preparing yourself for this devastating weather. Don't be caught without the right skills and equipment this year, or any year, because mother nature is absolutely unforgiving.

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