Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Corn, Soy...Bananas? The Newest Member of the GMO Gang

Led by Professor James Dale of Queensland University, scientists have developed a new strain of bananas for the people of West Africa. By increasing the level of alpha and beta carotene, the bananas will supposedly elevate the amount of vitamin A in the body of the consumer. Citing the hundreds of thousands of people who endure vitamin A deficiency every year, the scientists hope to improve, and even save the lives of Africa's poor.
“There is very good evidence that vitamin A deficiency leads to an impaired immune system and can even have an impact on brain development. Good science can make a massive difference here by enriching staple crops such as Ugandan bananas with pro-vitamin A and providing poor and subsistence-farming populations with nutritionally rewarding food.”
The bananas appear to be identical to their natural cousins in every way, except for the shade of agent orange color seen in the interior of the fruit. They hope to have the GMO banana growing in Uganda by 2020, if of course they can convince the small nation to legalize GMO crops. Perhaps they have good reason to fear GMOs, as they're known to cause a myriad of problems in humans, animals, and the overall environment. Once the patented crops are planted, it's nearly impossible to keep them from spreading and merging their genetic material with the rest of the their surroundings.

And of course these bananas don't just give you more vitamin A, they are “pest resistant” like most GMO crops. This means if the laws against GMOs are rescinded in Uganda, we may see a devastating repeat of what happened to the farmers of India after they bought Monsanto's Bt ready cottonseeds. Monsanto convinced the farmers that they would have fantastic yields from their seeds. Instead, the cotton's resistance to pests proved short lived, and the farmers had to spend more money on Monsanto's pesticides to keep their meager crops alive.

In the end, this created a vicious cycle of debt that left the farmers high and dry, and has created a rash of farmer suicides in the country. In 2009 alone 17,638 farmers ended their lives in India, many concentrated in the state of Maharashtra. Uganda would be wise to keep GMO crops away from their nation.

Despite this, human trials will begin in the United States later this year. The project is being funded by none other than the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation. Other than Bill Gates' thinly veiled depopulation agenda, we have other reasons to suspect his “charitable” intentions with the third world. This isn't the first time he has pushed a new GMO with intent of alleviating vitamin A deficiencies.

His so called “golden rice” was promoted a couple of years ago with the same promise of increasing beta-carotenes, which apparently only turn into vitamin A under high fat dietary conditions (something most Africans don't have). It was reported that the golden rice would have provided very little vitamin A, and most adults would need to eat over a dozen pounds of the stuff to satisfy their daily needs.

In reality, Gates is simply using his charity as a shill for GMO giants like Monsanto, who happen to carry 500,000 of his stocks on the market. Hopefully the third world won't buy his GMO lies this time around.

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